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London Bridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic

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Dr. Netzer explains the function of Veins


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At the PICM

all veins can be treated in one session wihout a single cut


Differrent cathetertypes available

We use all applicable types of catheter, not solely radio waves OR laser OR Steam.
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Extreme veins - curved oder thick

Even extremely curved, or very large or thin veins are no problem to be removed (without having to make an incision) by inserting a thin catheter.

No swelling - no pain

Following the treatment neither swelling nor pain are experienced enabling both legs to be treated at the same time.

Showering or swimming after surgery

As no incision is made patients are able to shower and swim on the same day of the operation - enabling treatments to take place in summer.

Compression stockings only one day

As no swelling occurs in the legs compression tights usually only need to be worn for one day, the following day patients are able to carry out unlimited sports or return to work.

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From pensioners to world famous actresses, top models, housewives and mothers, to roofers who must return immediately to work and a world football star due to comment on the World Cup two days later.

The treatment concept is individually tailored to each patients needs combining the various methods available to create a unique procedure.
Assurance, hygiene and precision are our most important principles.
The health and satisfaction of our patients is our ultimate goal.


It may sound banal: however one can only treat what one diagnoses. However: the most standard form of diagnosis is often formed after only a few minutes of ultrasound, which is not enough.

The best treatment is the cause. And those being not only the visible varicose veins. An extremely accurate ultrasound is necessary to locate this source and this must be undertaken by a highly experienced Doctor. This takes place at the PICM and enables further diagnosis to be carried out.

1. Case history

a review of the patient’s medical history
  • hormone intake
  • previous treatments
  • family history, etc.
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2. Photographic documentation

  • computerised images of the legs before, during and after the treatment, always from exactly the same view.

  • Measurement of in and outflow of blood volume in the legs

  • Infrared-measurement by means of ankle cuffs and graphic documentation

3. Thermal Imaging

blocked veins become apparent that are not visible with the naked eye, lying under the skin.

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4. Colour coded Duplex Ultrasound – the ultimate method of diagnosis

Patients will only be seen by Doctors with a minimum of 15 years’ experience, the examination can take from between 45 minutes and 2 hours.
All of the findings will be saved and stored as digital photographs and graphics.

Once the findings are complete the Surgeon himself (the leader of the Institute) will, together with the patient, create a unique treatment plan.

The Vein-USB-Stick

Venenfrei USB-Stick Beispiel

All findings for all of our patients are made available as digitally unlocked files to enable our patients at any given time to search out a further opinion from another Doctor.


The catheter treatment operation takes place in an external clinic with the highest of hygiene standards, the most up to date technical equipment and specialist doctors.

It does not take place in a so called treatment room off the side of a practice with supervisors lacking in experience and working to a far lower standard of professionalism.


JDepending on the individual case either a local anaesthetic, partial anaesthetic or a laryngeal mask anaesthetic (LMN or LAMA) is applied by and cared for by an experienced anaesthetist.
The type of anaesthetic used will be decided upon jointly by the patient, the surgeon and the anaesthetist.


Operations using catheters leave neither an incision nor a scar behind, there are no impairments or pain associated with the operation which lasts usually between 30 and 120 minutes.
After the operation the elastic bandages are removed already in the recovery room and a manual lymph drain is fitted. Before being discharged (usually after 2 hours) the surgeon will personally carry out another final ultrasound examination.


In normal circumstances no special aftercare is required. The patient receives 2 special care products and a telephone number to enable around the clock contact with us out of the Institutes surgery hours.

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Routine examination

A routine examination at the institute is recommended to enable us to have another chance to gain an exact picture of the healing process and to document this). Here it is also possible to desolate any remaining smaller veins.

IIn cases of a higher aesthetic demand, (e.g. spider veins) the patient will be recommended 3 months later, at the earliest, to begin an additional Micro Sklero-therapy at another specialist (appropriate addresses will be provided).


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London Bridge
Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic
54 Wimpole St. | London W1G 8YJ |
United Kingdom

Fon +44 (0) 20 7487 0900


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