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Dr. Netzer explains the function of Veins


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Gentle removal of varicose veins?

Dear Visitors,

A warm welcome to the Private Institute for Surgery (PCIM) Munich’s Webpage.

Since 1995 I have devoted my work to the treatment of problematic veins and I am extremely passionate about my role as a specialist doctor within this field.

In the years since the foundation of the PICM I have been able to examine and treat more than 20,000 patients and have been able to collect an invaluable wealth of experience. In autumn 2015 I published the first German textbook for specialist doctors on the subject of the incision free treatment of varicose veins, (Endoluninale Varizentherapie” De Gruyter, Berlin 2015).

Since 2005 all treatments undertaken at the PICM are carried out, without exception, incision free and by means of either radio waves, laser or steam. I am delighted to be able to say that I have successfully treated over 9500 patients in this way. This enormous wealth of experience plays an important role in my daily work and is of great comfort to my patients.

My team at the PICM and at the IATROS Clinic ( hope that you will find our website useful and we are always available for any further information or questions.

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Our prime focus is the well-being of our patients as an individual throughout the duration of their treatment. To review our patient satisfaction reports please refer to the independent website JAMEDA.

Yours faithfully, Dr. Florian J. Netzer
Specialist Surgeon, Head of the PICM
and the Vein Institute, LBPS Clinic London.

The combination process

If an Institute works only using one or two specific minimally invasive catheter processes (e.g. VENEFIT, CLOSUREFAST, ELVeS radial) then it is rarely possible to successfully eliminate all of the varicose veins. Because:

No single method catheter treatment can be suitable for all of the veins on one leg, (please see below).

BUT there is an ideal treatment for each different type of vein.

THEREFORE all differing treatment methods can be applied accordingly by us, the ideal treatment for each vein, within just one sitting.

Which treatment is recommended for each vein, and which not?

VNUS Closure Fast, VENEFIT - Radiofrequenceablation or also known as Radiowaves

+ Highly recommended for saphenous veins (large and small rose veins) which are relatively deep under the skin and run straight.

- Not recommended for all veins lying close to the surface of the skin and bent and winding, disabling the rigid probe to be inserted through.

- Also not recommended for unhealthy connective veins (perforan veins) or reoccurring varicose veins following previous operations on the vein estuaries, (in the groin or knee pit) due to the fixed probe and longer treatment syringe.

ELVeS radial®,
Radiallaser, Laserablation, Laserprobe

+ Highly recommended for surface veins (e.g. larger surface veins close to the big rose reins – saphenous)

+ Highly recommend for connecting veins (perforan)

- Less gentle as the Radio Frequency treatment (Closure Fast, VENEFIT) on the saphenous veins.

- Not recommended for extremely curved veins as this probe is too rigid.

- Not recommended for reoccurring varicose veins of the vein ostia, in the groin or the knee pit.

Steam Treatment, Hot Steam Injection (Steam vein sclerosis, SVS)

+ Excellent for the treatment of curved and bent surface veins:“ avoids the use of “crocheting” technique (operative pulling with hooks) which can leave scars and occasionally local nerve damage.

+ Thin (3mm diameter) flexible Teflon catheters direct the sterile steam through the curved veins.

+ Excellent technique recommended for removing reoccurring varicose veins of the vein ostia.

- Not recommended for the treatment of saphenous veins (small and larger rose veins), particurlarly those which have expanded. He steam is often not enough for a reliable erosion.

Skin Laser, Spider Vein Laser, Neodym-Yag–Laser (Gentle Yag)

+ Perfect for the treatment of spider veins

- Not recommended for all veins with more than one millimetre diameter

Additionally a sclerotherapy can be performed within the same sitting if it is deemed necessary.

Without compression stockings?

Many of our patients are not required to wear compression stockings following their treatment. In some cases, however, it may be worthwhile for them to be worn for a few days.

In all cases our patients are able to shower on the same day after their treatment and one day later return to their normal daily routine, including sports.

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From pensioners to world famous actresses, top models, housewives and mothers, from the roofer who must immediately return to work, to a world football star commentating on the World Cup 2 days later, we have treated them all.

The treatment concept is individually tailored to the individual case and is likely to be a combination of differing therapies.
Safety, hygiene and precision are our most important principles. The health and satisfaction of our patients is our upmost priority.


A precise treatment can only follow an exact diagnosis-This is defined by the precise localisation of the, often invisible, source of the varicose veins. The treatment of these vein defines the long term success or failure of the procedure.

The most important step in the process of diagnosis is the ultrasound examination of the legs. The quality of this examination defines the quality of the treatment and can only be undertaken by a doctor with years of experience and enough allocated time for each individual patient.

As a general rule, the examination of both legs requires more than half an hour.

This important examination is enhanced by yet further technical investigations, for example the measurement of the blood volume in the leg, both at rest in movement (photoplethysmography) snd thermal imaging.

Case History

The survey of the patients past medical history: 
  • Hormone intake
  • Previous treatments
  • Family case history, etc.

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Photographic Documentation


  • The exact measurement of blood volume flowing in and out of the leg.

  • Infrared measurements using bone collars and graphic documentation.

Thermal Imagery

Blocked veins are present even when they are invisible to the eye and lie under the skin.

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5. Colour Coded Duplex Ultrasound Examination - The supreme discipline in diagnosis

This is always untaken by a Doctor with at least 15 years of experience and can take anything from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. All findings and results fro mthe examination are digitally and graphically retained.

In their entirety, the results will then be examined by the surgeon and head of clinic, Dr. Netzer, and together with the patient an individually tailored treatment plan will be drawn up.

The PICM-USB Stick

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All results from each and every patient are saved digitally on to a USB stick to enable patients at any given time, and with no password requirement, to consult a second opinion from another doctor.


The catheter treatment operation takes place in an external clinic with the highest of hygiene standards, the most up to date technical equipment and specialist doctors.

It does not take place in a so called treatment room off the side of a practice with supervisors lacking in experience and working to a far lower standard of professionalism.


Depending on the individual case either a local anaesthetic, partial anaesthetic or a laryngeal mask anaesthetic (LMN or LAMA) is applied by and cared for by an experienced anaesthetist.
The type of anaesthetic used will be decided upon jointly by the patient, the surgeon and the anaesthetist.


Operations using catheters leave neither an incision nor a scar behind, there are no impairments or pain associated with the operation which lasts usually between 30 and 120 minutes.
After the operation the elastic bandages are removed already in the recovery room and a manual lymph drain is fitted. Before being discharged (usually after 2 hours) the surgeon will personally carry out another final ultrasound examination.


In normal circumstances no special aftercare is required. The patient receives 2 special care products and a telephone number to enable around the clock contact with us out of the Institutes surgery hours.

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Routine examination

A routine examination at the institute is recommended to enable us to have another chance to gain an exact picture of the healing process and to document this). Here it is also possible to desolate any remaining smaller veins.

In cases of a higher aesthetic demand, (e.g. spider veins) the patient will be recommended 3 months later, at the earliest, to begin an additional Micro Sklero-therapy at another specialist (appropriate addresses will be provided).


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